Meet the team

Lennie Furlough


Lennie loves his family of 5 kids & wife of 26 years, Danielle. He feels blessed to be a part of a large group of Christ followers & staff team starting a new church. Lennie is serving in many ways to impact the community for Christ.

Sammy Hudson

Pastor & Worship Leader

Sammy is excited to serve as the Worship Leader for this new Spirit-filled Church in Greenville, NC. A 1996 graduate of Methodist College, he and his wife Desta founded The Refuge in 2007 and are blessed with three beautiful daughters. His greatest passion is sharing the hope of Christ with others.

Josh Rogister

Director of Student Ministries

Born and raised in Greenville, NC, Josh is continuing ministry in his hometown. He studied at Pitt Community College where he was a Student Ambassador and then went on to study at East Carolina University.  Outside the church, Josh is a massive sports fan of the Indianapolis Colts. He is the middle of 3 siblings and loves to spend time with his brother Adam, sister Cameron, and parents Paul and Mandy.

Danielle Furlough

Director of Children's  Ministries

Danielle is excited to serve alongside an amazing, Jesus Loving team. She loves sharing the hope and love of Jesus to the youngest members of her Church Family! She is a graduate of Western Carolina University with a B.S.ed in Communication Disorders and Special Education. She and Lennie have been married for over 26 years and have 5 beautiful children. A few of her favorite things to do include kayaking, running, and hiking.

Becky Blizzard

Director of Ministerial Operations

Becky Blizzard is originally from Fayetteville, NC but attended East Carolina. After graduating from ECU, Becky moved to the Raleigh area for a few years but then moved back to Greenville where she and her husband Patrick raised three children. Becky has worked in church administration for the past 8 years.

Kearston Hudson

Production Director & Young Adult Ministry Director

Kearston Hudson is from Greene County, NC. She graduated from Liberty University in 2023, and recently moved back to North Carolina. She is passionate about sharing the Gospel and loves music. She enjoys being outdoors, writing music, and visiting new places.

Meet the Christ Hope Church Council.

Rob Maloney

CHC Council Chair

Wayne Caldwell

Finance Chair

Davis Fleming

Men's Ministry Chair

Mary Gladys Waters

Nursery Ministry Chair

Georgia Mayo

Worship Operations Chair

Amber Godwin

CHC Council Vice-Chair

Jason Trahan

HR Chair

Joan Blanton

Women's Ministry Chair

Connie Landen

Prayer Ministry Chair

Becky Blizzard

Staff Team Chair

Larry Hagler

CHC Council Treasurer

Andy Piner

Trustee Chair

Hudson Standbridge

Youth Ministry Chair

Betsy Barnacascel

Congregational Care
Ministry Chair

Anissa Potter

CHC Council Secretary

Dorson White

Elder Chair

Ange Young

Kids Ministry Chair

Beth Griffin

Mission Ministry Chair

Meet the Finance Team.

Wayne Caldwell (Chair)

Talbot Greene

Larry Hagler (Treasurer)

Richard Lamm

Amber Godwin

Tim Morris

Ronny Greene

Janie Strange

Meet the Human Resources (HR) Team.

Jason Trahan (Chair)

Rob Maloney

Bob Clinkscales

Art McMillan

Abbott Dees

Anissa Potter

Dana Gauland

Meet the Trustees Team.

Andy Piner (Chair)

Parker Overton

Janet Ricciarelli

Phil Flowers

Christian Porter

Lynn Hudson

Lee Potter

Robert Griffin

Regina Respess

Meet the Elder Team.

Dorson White (Chair)

Beau Young

Robert Capps

Rusty Duke

Greg Fader

Meet the Men's Ministry Team.

Davis Fleming (Chair)

Michie Faulconer

Hale Stephenson

Jay Wynne

Meet the Women's Mininstry Team.

Joan Blanton (Chair)

Janey Douglas

Becky Overton

Leslie White

Jane Capps

Patsy Duke

Lee Stephenson

Nancy Clark

Katie Fader

Melanie Tripp

Libby Dews

Vickie Hudson

Holli Williams

Meet the Youth Ministry Team.

Hudson Standbridge (Chair)

Raquel Begelman

Jonathan Earp

Sarah Porter

Meet the Kids Ministry Team.

Ange Young (Chair)

Wrenn Dees

Heather Gilbert

Rebecca Morton

Mandy Rogister

Brooks Sutton

Stephanie Webb

Tammy Ward

Meet the Nursery Ministry Team.

Mary Gladys Waters (Chair)

Chrissy Holley

Noreen Stiso

Meet the Prayer & Healing Ministry Team.

Connie Landen (Chair)

Pat Leanhardt

Jean Askew

Dottie Nisbet

Marsha Board

Jeff Boswell

Lou Hill

Meet the Congregational Care Ministry Team.

Betsy Barnacascel (Chair)

Betsy McDonald

Tammy Perdue

Nan Wynne

Meet the Mission Ministry Team.

Beth Griffin (Chair)

Mark Ward

Susan Cox

George Young

Catherine Fleming

Guy Miller

Meet the Worship Operations Ministry Team.

Georgia Mayo (Chair)

Patrick Blizzard

Tori Russ

Mary Bishop